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Greetings from the Principal

Dear Parents, It was with great enthusiasm that we welcome our students back! It is wonderful to fill our halls once more with the excitement and anticipation of new friends and academic challenges. We are eager to work with your children as we continue to fulfill our mission: to provide a supportive and challenging, personalized, bilingual and multicultural education to our students. Our teachers have been busy preparing lessons of high rigor and are excited to help our students grow! We have learned that optimal student growth requires efforts from the entire school community, including parents! This year, I encourage and invite you to be actively involved in your students academic growth and achievement. Many parents are often left wondering how they can contribute while already having busy schedules. The following are recommendations that all parents can do to support their child’s learning:

  • Make sure your child attends school daily and arrives on time
  • Ensure your child receives an adequate amount of sleep for their age at night
  • Read with, or to your child, on a daily basis

Maintain communication with teachers and staff and stay informed on school events Again, I look forward to working with your child and your family this year! 


Nidia Martinez

Nidia Martinez, Principal

Take a moment to watch our video (available in English and Spanish) to learn more about our wonderful school community!

SDSA OC English from Bonnie Leedy on Vimeo.