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We promise to provide our parents and community with a variety of communication options that help create a two-way relationship with our school—and here’s one of them.

Be sure to bookmark this page for timely articles and event announcements from Salida del Sol.

Nos comprometemos con nuestros padres y la comunidad en proporcionarles una variedad de opciones de comunicación que ayudará a crear una relación entre ustedes y nosotros con nuestra escuela. Aquí está uno de ellos. 

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Sponsor This School

Sponsorship space in our newsletters is extremely affordable! Reach parents in your local community, and a significant portion of your investment goes back to the school! Businesses that want to sponsor this school, please contact TSCA by email or call (970) 239-1641.

Roche Constructors

If you missed your chance to earn a new bicycle last year, it's not too late! Roche Constructors is partnering with Salida del Sol for the 2018–2019 school year. Last spring, Roche awarded nine bicycles to Salida students missing two or fewer days throughout the year. This year, you could be one of them! For more information, please see our November 2018 newsletter.

We Need K-8 Substitute Teachers!

Are you interested in becoming a certified substitute teacher at Salida del Sol Academy? Check the qualifications to see if you are eligible to become a substitute.

¡Necesitamos maestros suplentes K-8!

¿Está interesado en convertirse en maestro sustituto certificado en la Academia Salida del Sol? Revise las calificaciones para ver si es elegible para convertirse en un sustituto.

Book Trust

A gift for your child! Each month, every student in our school gets to choose up to $7.00 of books from Scholastic. These books are provided through Book Trust. A grant from the Littler Youth Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County funds the SDSA Book Trust.  So far this year, your child should have selected two books and received one. This is at no cost to you or your family. Books are a treasure that build skills, stretch imagination, and open up worlds most of us will never see in person. Encourage your child to take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Confianza del Libro

Un regalo para su hijo! Cada mes, cada estudiante de nuestra escuela puede elegir hasta $7.00 de libros de Scholastic. Este libro se proporciona a través de la confianza del libro. En lo que va del año, su hijo debería haber seleccionado 2 libros y haber recibido uno. Esto no tiene costo para usted o su familia. Los libros son un tesoro que desarrolla habilidades, amplía la imaginación y abre mundos que la mayoría de nosotros nunca veremos en persona. Anime a su hijo a aprovechar al máximo esta maravillosa oportunidad.