The SDSA Support Team


Our office and support staff members work behind the scenes, providing an essential part of the team at Salida del Sol. Without their tireless support, the programs and services that make Salida del Sol shine would fall apart. Be sure to say “thank you” when you see them in our halls!

Office Staff

Vincent Jackson
Staff Accountant
Auxiliar de Contabilidad
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Marisol Parra
Attendance Clerk
Secretario de asistencia

Perla Perez
Office Manager
Gerente de Oficina
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Anadine Tapia
Health Clerk
Auxiliar de Enfermeria
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Classroom Support

Tabatha Jensen
GT Paraprofessional
GT Paraprofesional
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Alma Rocha
Exceptional Student Services Paraprofessional
Servicios Estudiantiles Excepcionales Paraprofesional
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Theresa Rusher
Library Assistant
Asistente de Biblioteca
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Aylin Ugarte-Zozaya


Carlos Quintana
Facilities Manager
Gerente de Mantenimiento
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Santa Velazquez
Maintenance Clerk
Auxiliar de Mantenimiento

Student Services

Tariq Ahmed
Speech Pathologist
Patólogo del Habla
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Maria Cecilia Almanza
Nutrition Specialist I
Especialista de Nutricion I

Leah Alstad
Elementary Counselor
Consejera de Primaria
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Sandra Estrada Borunda
Nutrition Specialist
Especialista de Nutricion

Anamaria Gandarilla
Campus Monitor
Monitor Escolar

Nancy Gonzalez
Middle School Counselor
Consejera de Secundaria
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Stan Holstein
School Bus Driver
Conductor Escolar

Nancy Ramirez
Campus Monitor
Monitor Escolar

Claudia Rea
Nutrition Specialist
Especialista de Nutrición

Tracy Zinc
School Psychologist
Psicologa Escolar
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