SDSA Middle School


At SDSA, we integrate the Dual-Language Enrichment model into all our content instruction. This model promotes language and social equality while supporting full bilingual proficiency for both native and non-native English speakers.

En SDSA, integramos el modelo de Lenguaje Dual de Enriquecimiento en todo nuestro contenido de instrucción. Este modelo promueve el lenguaje y la igualdad social, el apoyo con sus habilidades bilingües por ambos estudiantes nativos de inglés y no nativos.

Curriculum Focus

In middle school, students dive deep into learning through individual and class projects, collaborative group discussions, and oral and written communication. This creates a dynamic, developmentally-appropriate learning experience that encourages peer respect, independent thinking, and problem solving. In the classroom, we continue building on students' academic success through bilingual instruction and balance it out with elective classes. 

All middle school students may participate in art, band, physical education, and robotics. 

Our Chromebook Take-Home program provides all middle school students at SDSA with a Chromebook for use at school and at home. Please review the policies and care expectations surrounding this program in our Chromebook Handbook

Thanks to our generous community partners, graduating students may also opt to keep their device to continue their studies into high school!

Media Center

Our on-site media center is the perfect place for independent and small group study, research, and virtual travel! Jump into the pages of a book and leave your world behind. We have something for everyone. We suggest the following: 

Media Center Rules
To show respect for every student who uses our library, please remember these simple rules: 

  • Speak softly. 
  • Return materials promptly. 
    • Reference material may be checked out for only one evening at a time. 
    • Check out books for up to two weeks. 
    • You can always renew! 
  • Share the equipment.