SDSA Elementary


At SDSA, we integrate the Dual-Language Enrichment model into all our content instruction. This model promotes language and social equality while supporting full bilingual proficiency for both native and non-native English speakers.

En SDSA, integramos el modelo de Lenguaje Dual de Enriquecimiento en todo nuestro contenido de instrucción. Este modelo promueve el lenguaje y la igualdad social, el apoyo con sus habilidades bilingües por ambos estudiantes nativos de inglés y no nativos.

Curriculum Focus

At the elementary level, our curriculum helps students focus on higher level thinking skills, making real-world connections, and developing a love of life-long learning. 

We teach kindergarten and first grade students to read and write in their identified home language first (English or Spanish), then begin introducing them to their secondary language. By second grade, students receive an equal amount of reading instruction in both English and Spanish. We teach all math classes in English and science and social studies in Spanish. 

Elementary students rotate through music, physical education, art, and technology and library studies throughout the week. 

We monitor student progress using both informal and formal assessments throughout the school year. Formal cumulative tests help us track students' academic growth and determine the effectiveness of our teaching strategies. SDSA students begin standardized testing in third grade with the CMAS test.

Media Center

As an important part of a 21st century classroom, our media center lets students travel around the world without ever leaving their desks. Engaging books, online learning apps, and research technology learning is easier and more fun. 

Each week, students visit our media center to learn about digital citizenship and reinforce classroom instruction.