Health Services

Servicios de Salud

The health and wellness staff at Salida del Sol makes every effort to maintain each student’s physical well being while on our campus. Please let us know if you have questions. We are happy to assist you.

Medications At School

We encourage all families to make every effort to take medications at home. However, we also understand that certain health conditions require students take medication during school hours. For the safety of all students, medication must be kept in the health office. 

All medications must be in its original, properly labeled container. Prescription medication must have the pharmacy label, as this serves as the doctor’s order. Additionally, a parent-signed consent form giving specific directions for use must accompany all medication. 

Students with Severe Allergies
With parent permission, students with severe allergies may carry and self-administer an inhaler or EpiPen that has the proper labeling. Please check with the school office to obtain and sign an "Emergency Medical Plan."

Immunizations Information

We follow all District 6 policies on immunizations. Please provide updated immunization records with your child’s enrollment paperwork, and notify us immediately if those records change. If your continuing child needs additional immunizations before the start of a new school year, we will notify you by mail. State law requires students to complete all required immunizations before school starts. We do not allow students who cannot provide proof of required immunizations to attend school.